Tuesday, 22 January 2013

So it begins...

So i have begun working on the next album, titles and songs will not be disclosed just yet, but its going to be something quite special, i have written 2 demo's so far and i like the way its shaping up, the songs are going back to classic song writing, i use to write around loops or motifs but now i have gone back to chords and working with rhythms more, the beats are sounding great so far and the chords are epic!

You can still get the last albums via bandcamp and download for free, please if you do say hello and share with friends.

I will keep you posted on what happens next and how the album will shape up but for now, thank you to the people who listen and support it means the world to me...

Evolve or Die


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lost in Translation

Hello Friends, people, animals who may listen and may read my blogs.
I firstly would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who have downloaded the album Rorschach, and to the people who bought it even bigger thanks, that was most unexpected :)
I really do hope you enjoy listening to the album and it becomes apart of your avid listening.

But i do think there is a lack of understanding when it comes to me making music with The Calm Project, i enjoy the feedback and if you like the music great, if you don't fine, but i am not looking for acceptance when it comes to what i make, because the music i do make, is for myself first, this may sound very selfish, but i do believe if your not being true to yourself, then your already on the wrong path, the albums i make are a audio diary to me, so am not expecting people to understand them or even get it! The idea is to just listen, if you like the music cool, if you listen to the lyrics cool as well, but as far as going to understanding it, thats different as i will never divulge what they are about, sorry its personnel.
I believe in following your own path, thats for me what a real musician should do and try new things, most musicians write in styles and copy other artists, i don't understand this at all, i may sound like people but i don't copy, i infact try not to listen to any other music while am writing as i don't want to be influenced or even just rip anyone off who i like. If musicians were completely true to themselves then the record industry would be so much different, rather than the stale format it is in now!
I keep saying at the end of my blog Evolve or Die, this is completely ignored as i seem to be stuck in this generation of moron, lets start being intelligent again, its not hard people!

Anyway for those who care i am about to start work soon on a new collaboration with an amazing electronic artist and i am very excited as i am a fan, so keep your eyes out for that, also i have begun writing new ideas for the next album and another project too....

Evolve or Die


Monday, 5 November 2012

Independent Artists

Well this blog is about independent artists and how we should support people who truely deserve support from the public and friends, i find the state of music right now scary and i really hope i am not on my own, when you watch programmes or game shows like X factor and you see the new artists of today with millions of album sales you start to think what is the point, i don't have a million pound advertising campaign behind me and i will never get beyond Sound Cloud or Facebook, well i think its time to change all that and listen too new artsists who are as passionate about music and as talented as say fuckin Muse! Or who ever these saturated boring people are, please take the time to listen share and even download these guys and really listen to the music, there is more out there than just what you see on TV!

This is Oceans, using electronic music to express beauty and pain and making it sound like the soundtrack you can't live without.

This is Clozee the musical mastermind of Chloe 20 years from France, these musical projects are normally accompanying dance videos, but the sheer beauty musicianship and excellence make them stand on there own as individual master pieces !

This is Adammed.age using textures and building up complex rhythms and making it sound like the edges of your mind are working on over time, these musical land scapes take you on a journey that you will never forget!

This is Vapour Marsh Big beats and rhythms from LA these aural worlds and beats create a feeling of holding on as you know there will be more and you can't live with out  it!

These are just a few of the artists and people who i know, and they don't have massive record deals or a million pound budget to make them famous they are artists in the true form of what art is, please take the time to discover new music, it is needed!

Evolve or die


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rorschach New Album

Well people the wait is over, i have spent over a year working on music that has eventually turned into Rorschach, the album did not sound anything like this at all and was more pop i guess, but due to circumstances the album changed and became a concept record in away...
The Album is personal and has clues but only a few people would understand what its about, as for the rest of the world make of it what you will and just enjoy it for the music and art.

I have described this as being Post-Music, being from my days at university, all music is post of some sort, we copy use paste and rip off so many people, i know am gonna get a lot of people telling me what it sounds like and who i sound like, normally Eddie Vedder, Peter Gabrial or Thom Yorke, fun as it is, i just want people to listen too it as a album and enjoy the music.
Thats right people an album, not a EP or single, i find people don't sit down anymore and listen to albums, here i do want you to put some headphones on and listen and take the album in as a whole and not just a quick yeah cool, i just hope people will come to like the music and the album its self.

There are many photos and pictures that were made during the making of the album and if you would like to see them please go to my facebook and check them out, as for the rest, you can download for free or name your price at Bancamp and if you just want to listen its also on Soundcloud...

Enjoy the album people

Evolve or Die


Monday, 24 September 2012

Ghost Tape/ New album

Well this time last year i was working on the final mixes to Ghost Tape by The Calm Project and album i love and think is just beautiful in its flaws and in its greatness, 10 tracks of beautiful voices, orchestration and beats and twists.

The album was released on the 17th of October and was a year of creating and pushing myself to the edge of what my creativity could take, and i think the album speaks volumes for what it is...

I do find it a huge shame that people have copied my initial ideas and tried putting it into theirs copying is not a clever thing to do, as your the one that looks amateur!

Also for me what was a huge disappointment was the lack of sales and the fact i got no support from friends, as you can't guaranty  this anymore i find the option of posting on personnel pages a waste of time and not sure i want too anymore especially when your let down by close people in your life! Like the song says "where are my friends when the waves pull me under" !

Anyway am finishing up the new album which will be with us soon and i can't wait to get it out there, its a lot different to Ghost Tape which less evident on the vocals and more of a concept about what happened to me this year, the music is dark and brooding and a lot like a graphic novel, who knows it could score your life's work.

The album will be released on a netlabel and will be my first release on there, i am happy it will be getting this platform and some more people might listen to my music, not bragging but i think i deserve it!
Anyway for those that care stay tuned and will keep you posted!

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Buy the album here : http://thecalmproject.bandcamp.com/

Remember Evolve or Die


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ZiD & The Calm Project - Don't Leave

ZiD & The Calm Project - Don't Leave

Hey Guys this is a collaboration i did with ZID we are label mates on Neuroplastic records and got together to make this track i hope you like


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Thank you

Well an amazing surprise happened yesterday courtesy of SoundCloud, my other project and musical venture Subject B was Named SCOTD (Soundclouder of the day).

It does mean a lot and people have had a chance to listen to my music via the website and its given my small profile a large raise to the better, and this has really made my week. I work hard on creating music and making sure i enjoy the process and that other people will understand and like it too, i don't think i dumb down to the public, i am not saying my music is better or that am being pretentious, i am saying i am challenging myself and if people enjoy that in my music then great, thank you and i hope you enjoy the ride, i have had a vast amount of people listen to my page a record number of 1536 listens so far, and am increase of nearly 200 people, this is amazing thank you, i know it might all stop tomorrow but for now thank you so much.

To keep you updated on my record with The Calm Project, i have made some changes and its not going to be a 10 track album and should hopefully be coming to you very soon, i am in the process on waiting for parts back from people i am collaborating with and need to finish of the odd vocal part, and then final mixing and eventually mastering, and then a new record to release!

This process has been a long one and a challenging one too, the music i have gone through and experimented with has changed considerably from drones and crazy percussion too abstract musical motif's but i have come to a final process and pushed myself with my production efforts too, the annoying thing is i have learn more methods but i will use them for the next album/EP. But for now the album is close to being finished and will be hopefully in your hands very soon.

Please keep tuned and supportive and i will deliver my music my art and my love to you all.